I am a Full-Stack Software Engineer with over 15 years of experience.

I love writing code and building software.

On a regular day, you can find me ...

Angular Angular + .Net Core .Net Core
NodeJS, Angular, Npm, Nx, NgRx, RxJs, Webpack, Typescript, Javascript, Material Design, SASS, CSS, HTML, Prettier, ESLint
.NET Core, ASP.NET WebAPI, REST, GraphQL, EntityFramework, C#, VB.NET, IIS, Kestrel
MS SQL Server, T-SQL
Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure DevOps
Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio 2019, Git, Postman, VisualCron, SQL Management Studio, Aha!, PowerShell
Java Java + Spring Spring Framework
Spring MVC, JSP, Java, Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap, SASS, CSS, HTML
Java, Spring Boot, Maven, Spring Data-JPA, Spring Security, Hibernate, Servlets, Tomcat, Apache
Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure DevOps
Eclipse, Spring Tool Suite, Git
.Net Framework .Net Framework
ASP.NET WebForms, Javascript, JQuery, AJAX, Bootstrap, SASS, CSS, HTML
Team Foundation Services (TFS)
Visual Studio 2019, TFS version control, Postman, VisualCron, SQL Management Studio
Senior Software Engineer
March 2022 – present
Logic 20/20 / T-Mobile, Remote
  • Core member of the T-Mobile Messaging Team. A highly collaborative and agile group using practices like pair and mob programming to deliver solutions that empower communication between T-Mobile customers and support teams. Emphasis on highly scalable microservices.
  • Implemented a messaging aggregator to process and route conversations between T-Mobile consumers and agents. Implemented solution using NodeJS, TypeScript, Mocha, Chai, Kafka, AWS, DynamoDB using the Hexagonal and Even Sourcing design patterns. Released to Kubernetes using the canary deployment approach. The result was a reduction in the number of misrouted and stuck conversations.
  • Lead the effort to design PII Forms v3. Evaluated front-end frameworks and created a specification to define forms using Json. Implemented UI using Angular Reactive Forms with a Java backend that showcased the speed of creating forms and the ability to expose our data model as a consumable resource.
  • Lead the work to create a multi pipeline deployment tool. Streamlined our GitLab pipeline yaml. Implemented an application to manage mass pipeline executions using Angular, RxJs and GitLab REST APIs and patterns such as infinite scrolling. The result was a high-performance application that allows the team to deploy a large number of microservices with a single click.
  • Implemented an OAuth token exchange microservice using Java, JUnit, Kafka deployed to Kubernetes. As a result T-Mobile users are no longer required to re-login after returning from chatting with a T-Mobile expert.
  • Maintained microservices using Java, NodeJS, Kubernetes, Kafka, Docker, Apigee, Angular.
  • Tools: IntelliJ IDEA, Visual Studio Code, Postman, Git, GitLab, Docker Desktop, Splunk, Shell Scripting, Jira.
Software Technical Lead
December 2015 – February 2022
Access Corporation, NJ
  • Lead planning of technology roadmap and work closely with Product Managers to plan and coordinate development projects for Carta – a digital records management solution
  • Act as scrum master and lead a team of developers, QA engineers and UI designers to implement new features and enhancements.
  • Led migration of our flagship product to Angular (from ASP.NET Web Forms). Identified a migration path and created a roadmap in coordination with Product Management. Changed Azure DevOps pipelines to work with NodeJS builds. Implemented successful migration and release to more than 70 client portals. Adopted usage of modern tools like Ngrx, RxJs, Typescript and Visual Studio Code.
  • Led migration of Angular project to NX workspace. Time-critical migration to obtain better application performance and work under a scalable architecture. Trained the entire software engineering team (20+ members) in usage of new tools. Resulted in more than double of performance gains and adoption of Git.
  • Led implementation of the new and modern UI of our flagship product. Worked closely with UI Designers to implement a responsive interface that is fast and more intuitive. Received great customer feedback.
  • Implemented system to scan and automatically classify documents on import. Implemented integration with Ephesoft APIs to facilitate system training and document processing.
  • Implemented mobile scan feature to allow our users to take pictures with their phone and send those images to our system for import.
  • Implement and maintain ASP.NET WebAPI REST Controllers configured with Spring.NET and implemented with VB.NET and MS SQL Server, T-SQL.
  • Tools: Azure DevOps, AHA, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Git, Postman, SQL Studio, VisualCron
Senior Software Engineer
December 2010 – December 2015
Archive Systems Inc, NJ
  • Gather requirements, estimate effort and implement solutions in frontend, backend and DB.
  • Work together with Product Support to tune system performance and implement bug fixes.
  • Employee of the Year 2014
  • Implemented workflow capabilities with dynamic routing based on client reporting hierarchy. Added support for multiple levels of review and approval. For example, employee end-of-year reviews can be implemented to first require employees to provide input and then require their managers to comment and sign.
  • Worked with the Implementation team to migrate over 15 Million Employee Records (approx. 75 million images) from our legacy application to our newer platform. Implemented SQL queries and worked directly with the client to map fields and transform data to accomplish a successful migration. Implemented policies and procedures that were utilized in future migrations.
  • Created a Report Builder using JavaScript, JQuery and AJAX to display key performance metrics. Implemented a modern user interface that allowed the user to select Chart Type, Data Points, Grouping and Sorting. Implemented module in C# that generated MDX queries dynamically to run against SSRS Cube.
  • Implement and maintain ASP.NET WebForms using VB.NET, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, CSS, HTML
  • Implement and maintain ASP.NET WebAPI REST Controllers configured with Spring.NET and implemented with VB.NET and MS SQL Server, T-SQL.
Senior/Lead Product Engineer
April 2005 – December 2010
Exigis LLC, NY
  • Involved in design and development of Riskworks, a large and innovative process-oriented web platform that provides solutions for the risk management and insurance industry.
  • Implemented rm.Compliance to validate compliance with insurance standards. Aggregated vendor compliance data and compared it against project requirements. Communicated with responsible parties to obtain required documentation and proof of compliance.
  • rm.Allocations as an add-on to rm.Exposures. It allowed clients to create formulas to calculate and spread policy cost (i.e. fees, premiums, etc) across different divisions based on data collected.
  • Implemented an email message handler to process incoming emails and perform automatic data validation and data import via Web Services
  • Created a system integration tool to transfer files to/from FTP sites and perform data import/export. Tool runs parallel threads to improve performance and also managers data exception logging and notification
  • Developed tool to allow intelligent generation of mail campaign recipients lists and facilitate mail merging
  • Developed a spreadsheet import system that parses spreadsheet data based on configuration
  • Involved in all areas of the software development cycles from hiring and training engineers, running scrum meetings, managing application deployment to production environments maintenance and internal demos.
  • Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) - February 2024
  • Coding Dojo Java Full-Stack Developer Certificate - June 2021
Kean University, Union NJ - GPA 3.52/4.0 - May 2005
  • BS in Computer Science, Minor in Mathematics – with cum laude honors
  • Dean’s List and International Student Scholarship Award
  • Vice President of Kean University Student Chapter of ACM
  • Components for Building Desktop-Application-Like Interface in Web Applications, G. Chang, J-W Hsieh, P. Calixto. The Seventh Asia Pacific Web Conference (APWeb05), March 29-April 1, 2005.
  • Presentation of research held at The Seventh Asia Pacific Web Conference (APWeb05) at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China between March 24th and April 1st 2005.
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